Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yes You Can!

My boyfriend showed a moving YouTube video this week. Ever since, I cannot resist sharing this video with others.  I hope it affects you the same way it has affected me. Social media dominates the public agenda these days, and I believe society could use more positive news stories like the one posted below. With all the tragedies, war and bullying in today’s news, the American public could use some encouragement.  PR professionals could utilize this outlet to build relationships with the public.
         The video below documents an extraordinary journey of two men, known as Team Hoyt, which has taken place over the past 40 years.  Team Hoyt consists of a father and son who have competed in 68 Marathons, 238 Triathlons and even 6 Iron Man Competitions. An Iron Man Competition, according to the official Iron Man Website, consists of 2.4 miles swimming, 112 mile biking, and 26 miles running. This is an impressive accomplishment alone, but here is the kicker:  
        Dick Hoyt finished each of these races while pushing his paralyzed son Rick in his wheelchair. Ever since Rick was young, he wanted to be able to run, and the first time he and his father ran together he claimed, “It felt like I wasn’t paralyzed.” His father took it upon himself to live out his son’s dream.  Today they still run every week and give speeches all over the country.  Dick Hoyt is now 65 years old, and when he began running with his son he could barely run a 5K. What a distance he has come! In a world of depressing and negative news stories, I found this story to be inspirational and highly refreshing.
         Many people have never attempted, let alone completed, these challenges on their own. Dick has competed in over 1000 races while pushing the weight of his 110 pound son.  I was so inspired to hear this father and son story; it is unbelievable.  The physical strength and endurance Rick displays is remarkable.  
        My favorite part of this story is that even though Rick has been told he can set a world record (35 minutes away from the world record at The Boston Marathon in 1992),  he refuses to run without his son.  This is an unlikely love story; but one that will try to always remember, so I will not take my life or family for granted. The attitudes of Team Hoyt are so positive, even though they both have had so many setbacks in their lives. 
        In today’s society I propose more stories like this one, and less negativity in the press.  Now I pose these questions: do you feel the same way? Do you feel there is an imbalance between positive and negative news stories in our media channels?

This video, and the thousands that have watched, give me hope that good news is just as appealing as bad news (cough Charlie Sheen) in social media today. 

For more information go to or watch their video here

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  1. Wow Emily, thank you so much for sharing such an amazing video. The power, strength and courage of a father for his son is truly incredible. I could not help but tear up while watching this video. With so many awful things in the news and so many reasons to not believe in the good nature of people, it is important to remember stories like this that show true dedication and love.

    Just last night I watched the movie Conviction with Hilary Swank where she goes to law school to get her wrongly accused brother out of jail. She sacrifices her whole life for her brother. While this story was made more dramatic for the big screen, it reminds me of the love and dedication of family members that all of us deserve to have. I found myself texting both of my brothers during the movie and telling them I would do the same for them. People are truly amazing creatures when it comes to doing things for the people they love. Thank you again for sharing this truly inspiring video!