Monday, April 11, 2011

8 Year Business Simulator

       This quarter in my Advanced Marketing Class, my group members and I are competing under the alias "Team Digby".  We are competing against five other groups selling sensors on an online simulator called CapSim Management Solutions.  The program has been neat thus far because group members are responsible for collaborating each week on budgets, products, market segments, R&D, and production.   Involved in this program are also financing your business through issuing stocks or bonds. The simulator produces results each week, just in time for the next week's projections to be submitted.  

       As much as i dreaded this project, it is much less intimidating now that we are entering our fourth round of projections.  The game has definite strategies to it, and I have enjoyed competing against classmates.  This post's purpose is to acknowledge a fine tuned teaching tool, and share a positive review with the blogging community.  CapSim does a great job simulating a real-life company, and gives all students a taste of every aspect of running a business. As a marketing major, we do not just focus on promotions and sales.  I am also responsible for estimating capacity in our manufacturing plant, and forecasting inventory on hand for each product.  

        So far "Team Digby" started out strong.  We were in first place in terms of stock price and market share in year 1.  Year 2 we continued to have success, and year 3 we dropped to third place. However, I am especially excited to view  results for Year 4 (later today!) because we launched a new product and hope to come out on top once more.


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